CenoBots, short for Cenozoic Robotics, is a leading commercial cleaning robotics company.

Cenobots Company headquarters


CenoBots is a global leading provider for the cleaning industry
CenoBots is a global leading provider for the cleaning industry. Founded in 2021, Cenobots is headquartered in Singapore with offices in Hong Kong and Hangzhou. Employing knowledge and experience in AI technology, the Cenozoic team realized the potential to provide customers with faster service and higher quality products than currently on the world market. With this goal in mind, Michael, the founder and the CEO of CenoBots, and his team established the company and entered the cleaning industry dedicated to renewing cleaning services with state-of-the-art technologies. Up to now, CenoBots have been deployed at multiple sites in the US, Europe, East Asia, Southeast Asia.
Cenobots Company headquarters
Adhering to the concept of "Clean Like a Pro", the company strives to lead the future with transformative cleaning technologies available for every need. We will continue to innovate in response to consumer demand, and help build an efficient, clean, safe, and intelligent world, thereby realizing our corporate goal of "human-machine collaboration for a better future".
Cenobots Company headquarters
Our vision is to utilize next-generation Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) to create a future where such intelligence can be employed in many types of devices. Commercial cleaning was identified as a best scenario fit for Artificial General Intelligence. Our AI-enabled cleaning robots can liberate human beings from the tedious, dirty, and tiring work while making the world a cleaner and safer place. Beginning with commercial cleaning, we intend to bring AGI robots to all walks of life and hundreds of millions of households worldwide.
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